Peptide Drug Development Experts


Peptides are a unique subclass of biologics, molecularly poised between small molecules and proteins. Although complex, Peptide drugs can provide better safety, tolerability and efficiency and offer advantages in production costs and yields.


Ambio is the world’s leading peptide expert with proprietary know-how and unmatched technological advances in the development and manufacturing of novel therapeutics and complex biosimilar and bioequivalent drugs.


Ambio’s advanced development tools allow the Company to characterize and develop stable complex peptide formulations using Quality by Design (QBD) approach. We focus on developing long-acting stable formulations using innovative techniques and ideas to improve patients quality of life.


Ambio’s manufacturing proprietary know-how allows the company to transfer the small lab scale process to large scale commercial manufacturing for producing cost effective drugs. Our focus is to provide high quality drugs to patients at affordable costs around the world.